Cubitos Is Getting Its First Expansion

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Cubitos, the absolutely hilarious dice-chucking game from AEG, is finally getting its very first expansion.

Publisher AEG has just announced Cubitos: Fowl Play, a big box that will add a ton of content to this racing game from 2021. As the name implies, aviaries are joining the cube-shaped gang, specifically pigeons and flamingos. Each will be represented by new cards with variable powers and their own set of dice, so players will have even more options when setting up their desktop races.

The expansion will also expand on the player count, something that we personally appreciate as Cubitos could have always benefited from more chaos around the table. Originally, the game was for just for four players. With Fowl Play, you’ll be able to have six players race around and they’ll get to play as green and purple meeples.

While AEG wasn’t ready to reveal everything in this box right now, it did hint that new races will also be included in the expansion along with new boards (fingers crossed for additional cards for old dice). All in all, it seems that this expansion will be worth the wait.

Cubitos fowl play
Cubitos Fowl Play expansion

Cubitos: Fowl Play won’t be going straight to retail, though. AEG has instead decided to fund this expansion through Kickstarter as part of its big expansion push – four games in total will be expanded upon during that campaign!

“The campaign will feature new content for four of our best-selling games and unbelievable pricing on current SKUs for new players. This format allows us to offer customers early adopter best pricing and amazing discounts when bundled together,” the publisher explained in its press release.

Considering all of AEG’s games ended up in retail – and some of them winning awards – there’s no doubt that fans will be able to grab these expansions even if they miss out on the Kickstarter, which is set to run for just ten days, from June 6 to June 16.