Czech Games Announces Alchemists Spinoff

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Ahead of the tenth anniversary of its beloved “Alchemists” board game, Czech Games announced a spinoff title aimed at a younger crowd. “Little Alchemists” is a potion-brewing family-focused game of deduction for two to four players designed to introduce children to the fascinating world of alchemy.

In the game, players once again step into the shoes of budding alchemists, tasked with concocting potions using various ingredients and elements. Through gameplay, they will gain insights into the principles of alchemy while honing their problem-solving skills and learning to think outside the box.

The game’s design philosophy prioritizes accessibility and engagement, with straightforward mechanics that get more complex as players complete chapters. It all starts with the simple act of gathering potion components and concocting potions for sale, but as the game progresses, more mechanics and components are slowly added, introducing fun and challenging new gameplay scenarios.

There are a total of seven highly repayable, unlockable chapters, and mastering the game’s core concepts and mechanics will act as a great tutorial for the big Alchemists eurogame. Look out for “Little Alchemists” at one of this year’s biggest board gaming conventions, Gen Con 2024, in August. And stay tuned here at Boargamer for our impressions on the game as soon as we’ve gotten our hooves on it.