Earth Board Game Expansion Spotted in the Wild

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The popular tableau-building board game Earth is getting its first expansion.

The little box carries the title Abundance and will be the first boxed expansion for the game – so far, there were only promo packs. Publisher Inside Up Games hasn’t officially announced this expansion, though. Instead, the news was broken by Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules! fame, who’s currently working on a playthrough video for Earth: Abundance.

abundance earth board game expansion

Naturally, the information about what the expansion box contains is minimal. When pressed about the details, Grogan couldn’t say whether the expansion is going straight to retail or will be crowdfunded just like the base game was. A few more content creators have received their prototype copies of Abundance and the word is that the expansion will definitely be going to Kickstarter in a few months.

Earth sees players arranging cards in 4×4 tableaus, trying to create the best ecosystem. Each card in the game is unique, leading to a vastly different experience every time you sit down to play this game. What’s more, everyone around the table plays at the same time, making each round a breeze. We at Boar Gamer, liked this game for its ecological message, as we’ve mentioned in our review of Earth.

The game managed to capture the hearts of players around the world, but also the critics, as it won several awards – UKGE’s best euro-style game and IGA’s best solo game. It’s not a perfect game, mostly because it lacks meaningful player interaction, but it’ll be interesting to see how the expansion shakes up the formula.