Everdell Farshore Announced: Get Ready to Set Sail!

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Cute furry animal fans everywhere, get ready for a new game set in the fantastic Everdell universe! Starling Games, the masterminds behind the beloved board game series, are about to release Everdell Farshore, a thrilling standalone game that will transport you to the untamed coast north of Everdell Valley. Brace yourselves for adventure on the Forever Sea!

Everdell Farshore is set to make waves in the gaming world. You will lead your crew of critter workers through the seasons, constructing a thriving city and embarking on daring voyages across the ocean. 

The game will be incorporating some of the familiar mechanics we’ve seen in Everdell. Farshore will feature worker placement and tableau-building while you’ll be managing and collecting resources, strategizing where to put your animal workers (which are lovely meeples of crabs, beavers, ducks, and puffins), and more.

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The game is designed by the brilliant duo James and Clarissa Wilson, the creators of Everdell, while illustrations by Jacqui Davis will bring the immersive world to life, ensuring a visual experience as we expect from an Everdell game.

Details on the integration of Farshore’s mechanics with the Everdell system are still a mystery, but one thing is certain: the picturesque board remains (now with extra water), the tree is getting replaced with a lighthouse, while the game takes place in the land of diligent monks, bustling scriptoriums, and hard-working folk shaping their cities in harmony with the ocean’s rhythmic waves.

Gaming sessions are expected to last from 40 to 80 minutes, accommodating one to four players while solo mode will be available too. You can secure your copy by pre-ordering it directly from the publisher, Tabletop Tycoon, for $75 per box, and be among the first to try out the game when shipments start on August 31st.