Everything Ever: The Ultimate Party Game To Launch at Gen Con 2023

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Floodgate Games announced the upcoming launch of Everything Ever, a thrilling social party game that we at Boar Gamer see taking the party game genre of board games by storm.  Apparently, according to the publisher, we’ve been preparing for it our whole lives. 

Everything Ever will put players to the test as they rack their brains to name items from two category cards. The catch? Failing to come up with an answer means collecting penalty cards, and the player with the fewest cards at the end will be proclaimed the victor.

To keep things interesting, participants can raise the stakes and change the category by using cards from their hand. And for the daring souls out there, bluffing is an option, too. Just beware, as fellow players can challenge dubious responses.

Everything Ever cards

The game has over 250 unique cards featuring fun artwork that covering a wide range of familiar topics. Therefore, Everything Ever promises endless entertainment for players of all backgrounds. Floodgate Games describes it as the ultimate party game that anyone can enjoy. 

The mastermind behind this innovative game is none other than Nathan Thornton, known for his work on popular titles like “Medium,” “Green Team Wins,” and “That Old Wallpaper.” However, “Everything Ever” holds a special place in Thornton’s heart, as it’s the game he has always dreamt of creating.

Ben Harkins, the owner of Floodgate Games, expressed his excitement for the game’s accessibility and appeal to a diverse audience. 

“I just love how approachable this game is to such a wide variety of people; it’s a trivia game for people who don’t like trivia! Watching one player come up with an answer other players wouldn’t even imagine is just a blast, and feeling clever coming up with the perfect single answer for both categories creates such amazing moments over and over again,” he said.

“Everything Ever” will debut at Gen Con 2023 and will be available online via Floodgate Games, Barnes & Noble, and, of course, Amazon.com. We at Boar Gamer are ready to unleash our inner trivia gurus. How about you?