Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs Announced – Tiny $15 Solo Game

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Are you one of those folks eyeing the tabletop behemoth that is Gloomhaven, but never pulling the trigger and getting a copy for you and your group?

Well, now there’s a super affordable version of this RPG-like board game that’s even more portable and more affordable than the already heavily discounted Gloomhaven: Jaws of The Lion spinoff. Cephalofair Games has just announced Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs, a solo game that costs just $15.

gloomhaven buttons & bugs box size

Buttons & Bugs is a great entry point, as it will let you experience almost all of the depth and magic that the Gloomhaven system offers for a fraction of its price. Designed by Nikki Valens (Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition) and Joe Klipfer (Gloomholdin’) this solo game will take you through a brand new storyline penned by Isaac Childres, the head honcho of Cefalophair Games.

The game has 22 bite-sized scenarios, each taking less than half an hour to complete. Although it’s the quickest and most compact Gloomhaven to date, it still has that crunchy decision-heavy card-battling system. When set up, Buttons & Bugs takes less space than your dinner tray, making it an excellent choice for some vacation gaming.

In the box, you’ll find the aforementioned scenario cards, six playable characters with their respective miniatures and decks, 20 monsters to fight, and a bunch of trays and tokens. The gameplay has been streamlined, giving each character just four double-sided cards to play with and, instead of modular boards, the whole playable area for each scenario fits on a playing card.

Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs can be ordered through BackerKit as part of Cephalofair’s massive crowdfunding campaign for the Gloomhaven RPG and the second edition of the original game. The delivery of preorders for this mini-game is planned for the end of this year.