Gloomhaven: Second Edition Announced

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The award-winning and former number 1 board game on the BoardGameGeek website, Gloomhaven, is getting a revised second edition next year.

Right before its launch of the Gloomhaven RPG crowdfunding campaign, Cefalophair Games announced that, alongside backing the new game, fans of the project will also be able to preorder the updated version of its best-selling co-operative adventure game.

At its core, Gloomhaven: Second Edition will be the same old amazing experience that people have grown to love. The story, world, and its core gameplay loop will remain the same, but everything else will get an update. That means new artwork, rebalances to characters, items, and scenarios, as well as updated miniatures.

gloomhaven RPG

The king is back!

There will be some new content, too. The publisher couldn’t go into more detail right now, but promised we’ll see some new stories and events. Gloomhaven is also getting a brand new reputation system and factions in this edition, something that Frosthaven recently brought to the table.

“While Gloomhaven is well-loved, I’m not sure anyone would call it perfect. I am excited to have the opportunity to make this incredible game even better with a lot of polishing and refining of the content, based on what I and the team have learned over the past six years by listening to fans and playing the game a lot ourselves. This new edition is going to be even more fantastic,” the designer Isaac Childres wrote in the announcement.

The campaign for Gloomhaven: The Role-Playing Game starts on June 20 via BacketKit. Gloomhaven: Second Edition is expected to reach backers sometime in 2024.