Rejoice for Lieutenant Titus as He Finally Gets His Miniature

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Our favorite supersoldier, the (in)famous, Captain Lieutenant Titus has finally made his transition from the digital into the tabletop world. That is right, Games Workshop decided to make an official Lieutenant Titus miniature, but in true Games Workshop fashion, you won’t be able to order it or get it in your local GW store, at least not right away.

The Lieutenant Titus miniature will be sold, for the time being, as a part of the Space Marine: The Board Game (that is the name of the game, really), which you’ll only be able to get at Target stores across the US. The board game and the miniature will be coming to other territories and Games Workshop stores at a later date, but there’s no indication of when that’ll happen.

Titus miniature

Lieutenant Titus is packing a heavy bolt pistol and a chansword in a dynamic pose, wearing standard Mark X power armor. Just like any other Ultramarine, you can find the marking of his chapter on the right knee pad, and it has four service studs representing the number of years in service. It remains to be seen upon the PC game release if they are actually gold or silver studs, since this makes a large difference in the number of years served as a Space Marine. If they ARE gold studs (as the current game trailers have shown) it means that Titus has served for more than 400 years!

Titus in-game footage

On the right, the pauldron has his personal heraldry and an inquisitorial token on his right hand. A slight hint of things to come or just a representation of what happened between the first and second Space Marine game, perhaps?

The board game itself is intended for two players, and it comes with Lieutenant Titus and 20 termagants, two Ripper Swarms, and a double-sided game board. So, not only do you get a previously unpublished Titus mini, but you also get the latest Tyranid models that will be a part of the starter set for the 10th edition of Warhammer 40k

Space Marine Board Game

The game comes with two tutorial missions and two unique missions. As expected this can be a great starting point for both Ultramarine and Tyranid armies. The price is yet unknown, but we estimate it to be around $40 to $60.