Lost Ruins of Arnak Becomes a Cooperative Game With the Latest Expansion

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The upcoming expansion for the brilliant worker-placement-meets-deckbuilding board game Lost Ruins of Arnak will add a whole new way to play it.

After teasing the box art at Essen Spiel 2022, Czech Games Edition has finally unveiled the second major expansion for the game, called The Missing Expedition.

The biggest addition in the new box will be a 6-chapter campaign. While it may sound like nothing new since CGE has already published a free solo campaign, the novelty here will be that you can play it in a two-player, cooperative mode. On top of that, the campaign offers a slightly branching narrative, improvements to your explorers, and a new carrier pigeon mechanic for trading resources between the players.

It will also build up on what the previous expansion, Expedition Leaders, brought to the table. Specifically, the leaders with their own, unique decks. In The Missing Expedition, you’ll get two more leaders – the Journalist and the Mechanic – each with their unique and interesting mechanics added into the mix. Of course, you’ll also get to add new artifacts and items to your decks and explore two new research tracks, fighting new guardians.

Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition will retail for $30 and be available at GenCon this August. Soon after, the publisher will start selling the expansion globally.