Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz Announced

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Modiphius Entertainment announced today that they are working on a co-op Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz. The game is designed by Eric Lang and Calvin Won and will be distributed by Asmodee, meaning that the game won’t be crowdfunded, as has become common in the board game industry.

The board game takes place during the events of Mass Effect 3 and will take the crew of SSV Normandy SR-2 to planet Hagalaz in search of a crashed Cerberus scientist ship. The Cerberus ship lies directly in the path of a violent storm that often ravages Hagalaz. With time running out, the crew of the Normandy must act quickly to search the wreck. 

The dangers aboard the ship and what lies within are still mysteries, but what’s clear is that the board game will be a co-op narrative-driven experience for 1 to 4 players. Every decision made will impact the story’s direction. The adventure spans 3 to 5 chapters, each lasting 45 to 60 minutes.

The board game will come with six 32mm figurines representing the crew of SSV Normandy. The players will be able to choose from 5 characters familiar to fans of the original game: Shepard (available in both male and female versions), Turian soldier Garrus, Quarian machinist Tali, Asari biotic Liara, and Krogan leader Wrex.

The announcement didn’t mention the price of the game or when exactly it will come out, only that it will be in late 2024. The only thing there is to do now is sign up for the official newsletter and wait for more news. If you are visiting one of the major conventions in 2024, it doesn’t hurt to go by and ask if they have any new info. That is exactly what we are planning to do the first chance we get.