Preorders Are Open for the Official Halloween Board Game

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Horror fans, it’s time to put on scary masks and play that famous eerie piano tune – Halloween is coming to the tabletop this September!

John Carpenter’s legendary and groundbreaking slasher flick from 1978 is becoming a board game, thanks to an aptly named publisher, Trick or Treat Studios. This company isn’t that well-known in the board gaming world, as it has mostly focused its endeavors on making horror movie replicas and toys, but it has managed to snag a couple of IPs and is planning to turn them into board games (a Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is coming out this summer).

Halloween board game

In Halloween, one to three players are tasked with surviving Michael Myers, played by another player pitted against them in a classic one vs. many scenario. The survivors are trying to save Tommy and Lindsey and, ultimately, escape the grounds using their car, while the Michael Myers player will try to stop them.

The game will use hidden movement mechanics for the baddie, so it’ll come with a big stack of papers the Myers player gets to plan their route on. As it usually goes with hidden movement games, the player who’s in hiding is only visible when someone else’s figure is looking directly at them.

Halloween is coming out on September 15, and preorders are open right now on the publisher’s website for $59.95 each. Emerson Matsuuchi (Century: Spice Road, Foundations of Rome) is signed on for this one as the game designer, so we’re hoping to see some fun and deep mechanics, similar to his 2015 hidden movement gem Specter Ops.