Settle Catan on Consoles This Month

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In just a few days, console gamers will finally be able to trade wood for sheep, as Catan Studios has announced the official console release of the legendary board game created by Nomad Games in collaboration with Dovetail Games.

Catan: Console Edition is arriving on February 28, with early access for players that pre-order the game starting on February 23. This will be a multiplatform release, launching on the current and last generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. On top of that, the game will have cross-platform multiplayer, meaning that everyone can play against each other online, no matter the console they purchased the game on.

This version of the Catan video game is different from Catan Universe, the free-to-play game available on Steam. Instead of simulating the game board, Catan for consoles will have rich 3D visuals with a lush terrain that makes the game feel more “alive” than ever. Still, it will play exactly like the good old family game we all know and love. You’ll have the option of squaring off  against other people online or on the same console or soloing against the AI opponents.

What’s especially interesting about this rendition is that it’ll also use your smartphone for local multiplayer. Once you boot up the local game, each player will have to use their smartphone to track their cards and resources, while the TV will display the board. It sounds like a neat solution for playing on the big screen without making the other players look away when it’s your turn. The game also speeds up the trading and building processes and, overall, sounds like a really good time, especially if you’re a fan of digital board games.

The publisher also has plans for long-term support and will be revealing a full roadmap soon. Catan: Console Edition costs $19.99 for Standard and $24.99 for the Deluxe edition, which includes five additional World championship boards, a dice skin, and a hex frame.