The One Ring MTG Card Was Just Sold to Post Malone

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The coveted 001/001 serialized The One Ring card has now officially become the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card of all time as it’s valued at over $2 million. Its new owner? One of the most prominent people in the Magic community – Post Malone.

The news about the sale came from a TikTok account of a user called Brook Trafton (real name Joshua Brook), where a video shows Brook meeting up with the famous rapper and selling him the card. It’s a very short, yet very emotional clip as Brook broke down in tears right after he struck a deal to sell the card.

the one ring card
$2 million Magic card

“When I found the One Ring, the first person who came to mind was Post Malone. I have played MTG since I was a kid and obviously, it would be amazing to keep this card. But for a guy like me, being able to sell it is life-changing. I just really hoped it would go to someone who would appreciate it as much as I do. This is my dream come true, meeting Post Malone and him buying the One Ring card from me is literally a moment straight out of a fairytale,” Brook wrote on TikTok.

“Things like this don’t happen to people like me, I guess it’s magic. I am forever grateful.”

This card was part of the latest MTG crossover set that featured characters and events from The Lord of the Rings saga. It was the first ever completely unique card printed for the game and, as soon as the news broke, the global bounty hunt began.

In late June, it was announced that this one-of-a-kind card was found and, soon after, it was graded by the PSA at Mint 9. The bounties that were floating around immediately skyrocketed, some going up to $2 million. It’s rumored that Post Malone paid $2.6 million for this card, but this will stay up for debate until official sales data gets released. In any case, it is a life-changing amount and, as the rest of the MTG community agreed, The One Ring ended up in the right hands.