Ticket to Ride Berlin Heading to Retail This Fall

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A new edition of the best-selling train game Ticket to Ride is coming out this fall. This time, we’re headed to Germany.

Days of Wonder has announced Ticket to Ride: Berlin, another standalone game in its rich Ticket to Ride series of family games. The game will be heading to US retail on September 30 with a worldwide release soon to follow.

With the tagline “Welcome to the city of culture, arts, and music,” the game will take two to four players to one of the most famous European cities. This game is based on more recent, streamlined Ticket to Ride games like Ticket to Ride: London, with blazing-fast sessions that take 15 minutes or less to complete.

ticket to ride berlin setup

In this sightseeing tour, players will visit iconic locations like Pergamon Museum, river Spree, and Brandenburg Gate (sadly, Berghain is nowhere to be seen on this board). Instead of trains, your playing pieces will be streetcars and subways, the series’ first foray into the underground railways. Of course, the winner will be the player that scored the most points by connecting the best routes and completing their Destination Tickets.

Lastly, this game will be significantly cheaper than the big box Ticket to Ride editions – the recommended retail price is just $24.95! A perfect price and an ideal purchase if you’re a beginner board gamer.