Drinking Problems Kickstarter: Vincent Cropper Interview

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This month, a wild and zesty party game is launching on Kickstarter – Drinking Problems. Now, launching a game on a crowdfunding platform isn’t easy, especially if it’s a party game, so we were curious to see how this particular game stands out from the crowd.

We got the opportunity to chat with the game’s designer and first-time Kickstarter creator Vincent Cropper and see what he’s got in store for the backers, as well as learn more about how zesty the game actually is.

So, first things first, what’s the game all about?

Drinking Problems is the game that I made to get people talking. It is a “social” drinking game that is simple to play and has unique question and quiz cards to get people talking.

I wanted to make cards that will turn heads and ask difficult questions. What I’ve learned by playing this game is that people’s answers are the most interesting part of game night. We have classic drinking mini-games and challenges. Every time I play my game people tell me the best part is playing the Problems Quiz.

The idea for the game came up spontaneously, right? Can you tell me more about that?

The idea for the game was stolen from a friend. Just joking. I got the idea from a question a friend asked me. They asked me “would you take $500,000 if it means you can’t have kids?” I was stumped and thinking about it is how I came up with the Problems Quiz for my game. After that, I made fun cards some were classic games like Never have I ever, the telephone game, and rock, paper, scissors. But I also made unique question cards like “Pick one player you would want to be stranded on an island with from the group. And tell us why.”.

Finally, I worked on it for 6-months testing it at local venues in DC like BiteclubDMV and thevillage.dc.

Examples of player cards in Drinking Problem Game

What’s the timeframe for the Kickstarter campaign?

It starts early April. Follow us on Instagram, I will announce it here.

What would you say were the biggest challenges when making this game?

Teaching myself the business behind the business, if that makes sense. I had to learn what CPA, CAC, CRM and all other business terminology. Learning to do ad marketing and finding places to play my game were my two biggest hurdles.

Can you reveal some of the wildest/spiciest challenges and questions the players will find in your game?

Okay that’s a fun one. Our wildest challenge is Give your last date a letter grade (A-F) explain why and text that person the letter grade for the date. One of our wildest questions is What is your stripper name. Say it out loud and if no one laughs you must drink. Our spiciest question is Name 1 thing you can buy with your bodycount if you have $1 for everyone you slept with. And one our most fun cards is our Problems Quiz that asks what would your Superhero name and power be.

This might be a bit controversial, but will the rules accommodate players that don’t drink alcohol? Or the game will be adults-only?

I have been racking my brain to test this game and make sure that it is just as fun sober as it is with alcoholic drinks. So my answer is YES. This game is a blast to play while sipping on apple juice. Our game is not centered around crazy dares you need alcohol to be bold enough to do. We are a conversation first game. You can find new and interesting things out about the people you play with. AND you can win our game by just answering 3 Problems Quizes which doesn’t need alcohol to play.

A game of Drinking Problems

As a first-time Kickstarter creator, did you have any difficulties reaching out to the audience on the platform?

I am building my sand castle from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and IRL events first. So I don’t have many issues finding an audience honestly. The people that have played the game really enjoyed it and have followed me on social media and are waiting for the drop on Kickstarter.

What’s your favorite cocktail (or other drink of choice) when playing Drinking Problems?

My favorite cocktail would have to be the Pinky Promise from a local company called BOTL’D. I love that it makes Gin taste so sweet. It is definitely a go-to for me. I’m usually a bourbon guy if I am drinking it straight.

What are the plans for the future of Drinking Prolems? Maybe some expansions, global distribution?

Our plans are world domination. We want to go global and hit the U.K and Australia markets and translate our game into over 20 languages! I have several planned expansions. The first will be a Zesty edition that includes more raunchy questions. Next will be the couples edition I don’t want to release the name because I haven’t gotten the domain yet haha.

Do you have any more games in the pipeline?

Yes a Couples game under the same umbrella.

Lastly, which board and party games are you currently playing with your group?

I am currently playing a game called Priorities. You basically see how well you know your friends and family. I can’t recommend it enough. It is one of the most entertaining “how well do you know me” kind of games out there.

The Kickstarter campaign for Drinking Problems starts soon. Be sure to give it a follow and support the project.