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Owning a private art collection is a privilege reserved only for a fortunate few. For the rest of us, our treasures lie in the world of board games.

Even though this year’s Essen Spiel is over, we have a lot of reasons to be happy. Thanks to Dušan and Bojan, our Boar Gamer colleagues, many fantastic titles have now joined our board game collection, and we can’t wait to brag about them.

In this Art Society board game review, I will introduce you to a game that has quickly become one of my favorite new titles in 2023.

Playing time:30 – 60 minutes
Number of players:2 to 4
Complexity:Light game
Genre:Tile placement auction game
Release date:2023
Publisher:Mighty Boards



Overview of Art Society

Whether you’re an art aficionado or not, pick up the gavel and step into the glamorous world of Art Society. On your mission to assemble the most fashionable art collection in town, prepare to bid for the amazing art pieces. Keep up with the latest trends in the art world, and ensure that your collection remains trendy and leaves your opponents envious.

art society box

Art Society isn’t just a game about the art; it’s also about who hangs it best. Once the auction is over and you’ve acquired the paintings you want, it’s time to carefully arrange them on your wall. After all, those paintings aren’t worth as much if you can’t rub your accomplishment in your rivals’ noses. 

To most effectively provoke envy, there are some rules you need to follow. Paintings with matching frames can happily hang next to each other, but be careful not to commit a faux pas. 

And the adventure doesn’t end with those masterpieces on your drawing room wall, either. Their value rises and drops quickly and depends on the ever-changing exhibitions in the museum. Staying ahead of the trends is key if you want your collection to remain the talk of the town.

So, gather your friends and let the bidding war begin!

art society box content

Design of Art Society

I was immediately impressed by the game’s design, even before opening the box. It has a unique double-layered look, featuring art resembling small picture frames on top of the box. It really looks fantastic, and meshes with the game’s tone beautifully. 

Art Society is a visually stunning board game. Its main components are painting tiles, which are beautiful representations of iconic masterpieces. These tiles are meticulously designed, with vibrant colors and fine detailing. Some even offer a delightful twist, presenting a humorous take on the original artwork.

art society's girl with a pearl earing

In addition to the beauty, what makes this game’s design stand out is its functionality. The inside of the box is partitioned into compartments, each corresponding to different tile sizes. This design ensures easy retrieval and tidy organization of game components, greatly simplifying the game setup process.

art society box with art pieces

How to Play Art Society

Art Society is a tile-laying strategy puzzle game with very simple rules. You’ll breeze through the learning process, and start enjoying the game right away. Even inexperienced players will have no problem mastering them quickly, making this a perfect board game pick for beginners.

Each player steps into the character of an art enthusiast, aiming to assemble the most impressive painting collection and earn the most victory points at the end of the game. Players use their personal boards to arrange the artwork they’ve purchased.

The game takes place during several rounds and each of them has 5 steps:

  1. Prepare the auction;
  2. Place the bids;
  3. Acquire and place paintings;
  4. Increase prestige;
  5. The round ends.

In each round, one of the players takes on the role of the auctioneer and selects the paintings to be sold. The number of paintings at the auction is always one more than the number of players. All players submit a bid card, securing an artwork for their collection based on their bids, from the highest to the lowest. 

art society bid wars

Each player has their own board for arranging the artworks they’ve acquired. To collect as many victory points as possible, there are certain rules for placing tiles on the board. While it’s favorable to arrange paintings with matching frames alongside each other, pieces of the same type should be spaced apart. There are four types of paintings and each type is marked with a specific color.

Any unsold paintings from the auction will find a spot at the museum. They are placed next to the museum board, and depending on their type, a certain prestige marker will be placed on the board. Prestige markers correspond to four types of paintings. With each new addition to the museum, their position on the museum board will change. This will affect the value of your pieces as well as the number of points they bring.

art society museum

The gavel is passed to the next player, and a new round can begin.

Although the rules are simple, fitting various sizes, frames, and types of paintings on your wall demands careful planning and strategic thinking.

art society first player gavel
It’s hammer time!

Another important aspect of the game is keeping an eye on the art that is already in the museum. The museum’s existing collection has a significant influence on the value of your paintings. Adapting to the changing fashion is a key to success.

Final Thoughts About Art Society

Art Society offers a delightful experience that’s accessible to everyone. The rules are straightforward, making it easy for players of all ages and skill levels to dive in and enjoy. The game strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and strategy, keeping players immersed and entertained. Its engaging gameplay guarantees a fun time, creating memorable moments and fostering friendly competition.

This game beautifully demonstrates that you don’t need to be an expert to find joy in the world of art; it merely takes a keen eye and an open heart. With this game, anyone can appreciate the beauty and emotion that art evokes.  

art society's board with art

Art Society achieves something truly special, transforming the sometimes daunting world of art into an enjoyable adventure, where players can learn about art in a fun and interactive way. This game acts as an inspiration, encouraging players to explore museums and appreciate the beauty of art in a whole new light.

Art Society is a valuable addition to any board game collection. Its blend of entertainment, education, and artistic expression makes it a standout choice for memorable gatherings and relaxing moments with loved ones.

As you spend time enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of each painting tile, you’ll realize that Art Society itself, is a work of art.

Aleksandra Vasic

Aleksandra Vasic

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